Huston Sports Complex

The Joe Huston Memorial Sports Complex, located at 10120 SW Boones Ferry Road, just off Terwilliger Blvd., directly behind the Lewis & Clark College School of Law, is home to both Pioneer baseball and softball fields. The Huston Sports Complex is named in honor of Joe Huston, football coach at Lewis & Clark for seventeen seasons. As the plaque at the complex declares, Huston was a “friend, Coach-Athletic Director-Dean of Men” from 1947-1972.

Originally built as a practice and intramural facility, it was upgraded to become the permanent home of the Pioneer baseball and softball teams in the late 70’s. Softball first began playing at “Huston Field” in 1979, having previously called Falcon Park  their home field. Baseball moved from Sckavone Field (SE 22nd & McLoughlin) to Huston Field in 1980.


The Huston Sports Complex has been evolving through the years. In 1993, a baseball pressbox, double-batting tunnels, and dugouts were added.  A new scoreboard was put in right center in 2005. In 2010 the batting tunnels were upgraded to two 80 ft, covered tunnels that have been very useful for both baseball and softball. Also, dugout fences were added for player safety on foul balls.

For a few years the Pioneers used molded plastic seats in the bleachers that were once part of the seating at the Kingdome in Seattle, the former home of the Seattle Mariners. In a recent renovation the plastic seats have been removed for aesthetic and safety purposes. The field now has bleacher seating, as well as the renovated area, which has transformed into a spacious tiered wooden platform, giving fans a chance to bring their own comfortable chairs to sit in.



In recent years, new wooden grandstands were added to the softball side to improve the fans’ game day experience. In 2005, a new scoreboard with full line-score display was installed at the softball field. In 2010 the batting tunnels were upgraded to two 80 ft, covered tunnels that have been very useful for both softball and baseball.

The softball field has bleacher seating, as well as a renovated area with a spacious tiered wooden platform, perfect for bringing your own comfortable chairs to sit in. The field has great sight lines and a lush, green backdrop, making it an incredible place to take in an afternoon of Pioneer softball. The baseball field features traditional stadium seats behind home plate and bleacher seating down both lines.