The Pioneer Strength & Conditioning Program is committed to helping our student-athletes improve their overall athletic performance, primarily strength, speed, and conditioning, as related to their sport. We are dedicated to creating a safe and positive training environment in which athletes want to work hard to improve not only their physical development, but also their mental development. Through creating various training scenarios, teaching our athletes the importance of dedication to themselves and their teammates, emphasizing the importance of expecting to win in every aspect of their life, the Pioneer Strength & Conditioning Program looks to continue to build a strong tradition of success at Lewis & Clark.


Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
Angela Dendas-Pleasant
Pamplin 004
(503) 768-7070





During the 2011 NCAA Convention Division III adopted legislation (NCAA which allows student-athletes to engage in voluntary individual strength and conditioning activities conducted by strength and conditioning personnel who have received strength and conditioning certification from a nationally recognized certification program, only during the institution's regular academic year. The intent of this legislation is to provide opportunities outside of the competitive season for a strength coach to conduct workouts with student-athletes to increase cardiovascular endurance, build strength and explosiveness, train for purposes of injury prevention, and become prepared for their sport season, at the student-athlete’s request.